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Welcome to the home of Jerry's wallpaper. Here you will find many very beautiful graphic images that can add beauty and character to your computer's desktop. The best part is that you may freely take and use as many as you wish. Personalize your PC with a new picture every day if you'd like.

Browse through your favorite categories including Scenic, Unicorns, Animals, Cars and hopefully more soon. Don't forget to leave me email with suggestions for what you'd like to see. (Sorry, no porn). I'll be trying to update the site at least once a week.

As promised I've been adding categories as well as adding content to the existing categories. I've also re-worked the index images to speed the pages up considerably. See, I'm listening to your suggestions!

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Golf Courses Beautiful wallpapers depicting some of the world's most exciting golf courses. This will make you want to play 18 holes!
Native American Native Americans and everything related. Beautiful paintings of Native Americans, wolves, Eagles, snow, mountains, and much more
Scenic Lots of very beautiful outdoor scenery in this category. Beautiful photographs of oceans, rivers, deserts, mountains and much more.
Wisdom Here are some very beautiful wallpapers containing profound words of everlasting truth and wisdom
Unicorns Many people think that unicorns are just mythical creatures that never really existed but I say if you can read about them in the Bible then they did exist!
Fantasy By popular request I have added this section for dragons, fairies, pixies, elves, and all things fantasy.
Animals Animals! All kinds of animals. Cute cuddly furry kittens, man's best friend the dog, creepy crawlies (my favorites), big hairy apes, and more.
Cities Cities from all over the world. Night shots, aerial shots and many more. Wallpapers made from pictures of your favorite city.
Cars Most guys love cars and pictures of them. Here I have included pictures of many types of cars. Sporty cars, antique cars, hot rods, muscle cars and more.
Flowers Flowers to make your desktop beautiful. Everyone from the sweetest ladies to the toughest macho man can enjoy the beauty of flowers.
Flying Anything flying goes here! Modern passenger airliners, classic bi-planes, old war birds, helicopters, skydivers, anything that flies.
Paintings These pages contain many of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. These beautiful paintings are sure to bring your desktop to life!
Food Hungry? If not, you will be. Beautiful pictures of food from all over. Prepared dishes, raw vegetables, wines and cheeses, tasty deserts and more.

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